Monday, 7 September 2009

Stash pledge

My stash spends most of its time as a large vacuum-packed yarn asteroid  - a yasteroid, if you will. This helps assuage my morbid fear of moth attack, and also serves as a handy space-saving 'solution'. It does, however, make it all too easy to ignore the size of the beast growing within. I had to rootle inside the yasteroid today, and have been shaken out of my denial by what I found. The six sweaters'-worth of yarn shown above do not represent the whole story; if anything, I am more irritated by the tangle of partial and single skeins. I think I should feel substantial better, though, once I had converted the above collection into garments. Therefore I do hereby solemnly pledge that I will buy NO MORE YARN until I have knitted up ALL SIX jumpers. Yikes!

ETA: I got a little sick of my violent pink colour-scheme - hope you like the new minimalist look.

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  1. I have similar problems at home.. I feel your frustration! I hope you have more success with yarn dieting than I had! :)


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