Friday, 4 September 2009

Knitting Loser

Sorry things have gone a little bit quiet recently. I have been feeling blue about being a knitting loser, by which I mean both a loser at knitting and a loser of knitting.

I began the bottom ribbing of Audrey in Unst, but ripped it out because it wasn't stretchy enough to encompass my womanly curves. I have since mastered the stretchiest cast on for ribbing in the known universe, so at least that shouldn't be a problem when I re-start.

The main thing that was getting me down, however, was the loss of the Broderie cardigan I was so pleased with a couple of posts back. This vaporised at some point during a disastrous night out, and despite retracing my steps to every where I visited, it has not reappeared. I was pretty upset about this. Oh, who am I kidding, I howled like a banshee for the entire night bus journey back home.

My mother pointed out that if I had to lose anything, better that it were something I have the skills to recreate, as opposed to something truly irreplaceable. One day I would like to make this cardigan again, as I loved it above all other knitwear. I would use the same yarn, but perhaps in this slightly different colourway, so that it didn't feel like quite so much of a morbid attempt at resurrection.

In the meantime, however, I have started a heavier gauge project that a quick finish might heal the wound. Work continues on the Milkweed shawlette. I will expand on both later when I am reunited with my camera cable, and can show you them.

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