Thursday, 17 September 2009


I have finished my Milkweed shawlette.

I used the Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Bamboo left-over from - and now all that is left of - my sadly departed Broderie. Once again, the yarn was a delight to work with: soft and glossy but with the promise of durability. I am very pleased with the finished product; I plan to hang on to this one. The colour is far more dark and mysterious than the above two pictures imply - the silvery tint is the light bouncing off the bamboo.

I find the lace pattern that broods out of the garter stitch enchanting, and the fact that it has no wrong side makes it perfect for casual scrunching around necks, as well as demure draping over shoulders. It was a quick and meditative knit (not a single purl!), soothing to pick up when I was tired. 
I have also been beavering away at Snow White. Last night, I joined the sleeves and the body, knitted a couple of rounds and then did the most beautiful picot cast-off at the neck you ever did see. I stretched out my work to admire it... and realised I had just cast off the back, instead of the front. I have got it sorted now, though not without weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sometimes I wonder if this yarn is cursed.

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