Monday, 14 September 2009


Felix's thoughtful podcast got me thinking about the colours that make up an urban landscape, so I decided to try and record bits of London that interested me as I was through there this weekend. I don't think I was entirely successful in my endeavour: despite spending a fair amount of time there over the past few years, I do not feel I have a grasp on London as a whole, rather than as a disjointed series of experiences. Still, this was a most interesting exercise.
My London starts and finishes with the gloomy dome of King's Cross, and the glare of the light on the Cambridge Express. That ectoplasmic blob in the photo on the left is a man running for my train.

Sometimes I can't help but be a massive tourist - ooh, neon! Ooh, policeman!

I stayed away from yarn shops; I was sorely tempted by the intoxicating range of Liberty fabrics and buttons, but managed to resist.

I saw some extraordinary false eyelashes....

 ... and the people who wear them.

I saw this sign, from a shop in Wembley, which I think speaks for itself.

Although I do not appear to have succeeded in my mission to distil the city down to its component colours, I do bear love London.

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