Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dreamy Techno-trickery

The limitations of my dinky digital point-and-shoot often remind me of what an amazing thing the human eye is. Take this tree, for example, tucked away in a corner of college. Its convoluted branches have grown down to the ground and back up again, so that stepping through them you enter a dappled dome. Whether its boughs are covered with snow in the winter or juicy leaves as now, I have difficulty imagining a more magical place: it seems to have been created purposefully for fairy revels. And yet I took a series of dull, flat pictures of it today; it was only after considerable technical jiggery-pokery that I arrived at the above image.

I also waved my old-timey photo wand over some climbing flowers...

... and some stuff in a skip....

Oh, and in the interest of completeness, I took a video of some baby moorhens. This is the last, I promise - college has no other miniature water fowl.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


My goodness, I didn't realise it had been over a month since I'd posted anything! I have not been making much of late, unlike our college ducks, who have been hard at work making new ducks; I leave you with this video by way of apology for my protracted absence.

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