Saturday, 13 June 2009

Seeing red

Remember that red Cascade 220 wool I got in London a while ago? It has been slowly morphing into the Lush and Lacy cardigan by the Sweaterbabe, which I have wanted to knit for ages. I knew I would have to make some substantial changes to the pattern, namely:
- The smallest size is too big for me
- I wanted to use a different lace pattern
- I decided to knit the body in one piece
To take advantage of this seamlessness, I wanted to put something where the seam would have been, and settled on a little bit of faggoting. 

I must admit, I felt a little bit smug as I steamed up the body, merrily faggoting away, up to just before the peplum ruffle at the back. I glanced at the instructions for the fronts to see if I had to work any pocket magic at this point... and saw that I had missed the vital instruction to decrease every few rows. Sigh. Rip, rip, rip, re-knit, re-knit, re-knit...

Hooray! Peplum ruffle! Finally I can get down to some serious honeybees. But wait... does this ruffle look a little off-centre? Let me just check... Oh. 13 stitches on one side of the ruffle, 15 stitches on the other. 

At this point I saw red. Yes, this latest error might not actually take all that long to fix, but I could not escape the fact that this thing was trying to get me, mocking my hubristic idea that  I could navigate my way through all of these at once...

... with only this paltry excuse for a compass.

I'm sick of red. I'm putting red down for the moment. I'm going to knit... the Something Red cardigan by Wendy Bernard. In yellow!

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