Friday, 24 September 2010

Snow White... 's no more?

I don't know if this makes me into a wicked stepmother, but I'm thinking of dismembering Snow White. I love the yarn and the pattern is genius, but the two are not the best match; if I were ever to make it again, I'd definitely use something more washable, that could be comfortably worn next to the skin - perhaps a wool-cotton blend. Such a tight-fitting garment in non-superwash wool is just a bit... hot. And not in a hot way. Also, I made it just a little too short. On the few occasions when I have worn it, I have felt at war with this pullover, as it demanded constant yanking down, or undignified wriggling out of, making me feel like a seagull caught in an oil-slick. 

I have not fully decided: this is a beautiful jumper, and the thought of reducing it back to a pile of crinkly yarn does seem a bit heretical. But then, what's the use of a beautiful jumper that just sits in a drawer? I've been considering transforming it into the Estelle Pullover: I think it might get more wear that way (and it would have the added benefit of matching the Meret I made out of the remainder of this yarn). Or are these evil thoughts deserving of a poison apple? What do you think? To frog or not to frog? 


  1. Well, if you do not wear it, then off to the frog pond with it.

  2. I think a sweater you don't wear is not worth keeping, and Estelle looks lovely! (plus wearable over other things :) Have you caught my obsession with stepmothers? Interesting that the wickedness is caused by jealousy of her stepdaughter's beauty (making her more analogous with a bad mother) rather than a specific stepmother-threat like the presence of lots of princes anxious for a dowry or similar.... (oops, seem to have fallen into my rabbit hole!)

  3. I know this kind of situation... It's hard to decide because one has put so much time and effort into making a garment so it seems unholy to rip it apart. But a sweater you never wear is a waste of wonderful yarn. Before I frog something, I always try to think of someone who would enjoy the item more than I do and who would love to have it. If nobody comes to mind I finally frog it. Plus you already have a project in mind! So: Happy frogging =)

  4. I bloody love that jumper. Especially with your brown stripey skirt-with-the-cool-lining (THIS is what I miss about living with you - an intimate knowledge of your wardrobe. Update me on purchases asap.)
    However, I agree that if you dont wear it you should set the wool free for something you will wear - knowing how much you love the clothes you have made that are hits, and how often you wear them, I would say it is a much better fate for it to be reshaped.
    Also, 'frogging'. How delicous! It sounds like an Edwardian medical procedure with the accidental side-effect of hysterical laughter.


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