Tuesday, 14 September 2010

'Deep Greens and Blues Are the Colours I Choose'

... as evidenced by my last six projects (two of which I have yet to share with you). Maybe it's time to explore some other areas of the spectrum?

I had been pondering on the awkwardness of my knitting life's resemblance to a James Taylor lyric, when I paid a little visit to the mighty Loop in London, which has moved to the lovely Camden Passage, and is now two whole floors stuffed with untold delights.
... and I bought this yarn:
Oh well. Perhaps this is my Blue (and Green) Period - which would sound better in Japanese, as I believe 'blue' and 'green' are the same word in it.

Do you have a colour you can't seem to get enough of at the moment?


  1. I love that rico aran - I think I might be using it for a project in January - but whether it will be grey, cream, or blue, I don't yet know (I'm definitely in my monochrome period (see Rav. notebook :) )

  2. Such pretty colours! I do wonder how they could manage in Japanese with only one word for the two colours?! Even with our two it hardly seems fair to require them to cover such a huge range of shades. And loop looks wonderful, I must go when I'm back in London!


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