Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hipstamatic (G)love

I have finally succumbed to the lure of the iPhone, and have been playing around with the Hipstamatic app to photograph my Farinelli gloves.
It's been making me think about photographing knitwear. There is the urge to produce a faithful, true-to-life document, and visually to convey technical details about the pattern and the yarn (one of the most common notes on Ravelry project pages is 'the colour is most accurate in x photo'). I wonder, though, if being too anal about these aspects sometimes makes for boring photos...

The colours in the above photo are wildly inaccurate, but maybe that's ok - to my mind, it captures more of the evanescent 'spirit' of the glove. What do you think? Are they annoyingly misleading?


  1. They are seriously beautiful gloves.

  2. I think about that very thing all the time. I have a film background so the urge to make the picture a work of art all in itself is quite strong. But then you are Mussing with the Technical as you say, the Truth of the Object. I guess it depends on what department the picture will be used in? Art, Sales or Teaching..... it's such a strange thing to have to move Your Head in and out of. Anyhow---the Gloves are lovely in All Colors!!


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