Monday, 9 November 2009

Sucker Pun(ch)

With the slightly insane dramatic commitments I mentioned in a previous post, I have got into a bad habit of not eating properly, and just chomping something whilst walking between rehearsals (I hope my mother isn't reading this, she would be horrified!). As a result, I have now become something of an international expert on the Marks and Spencer sandwich selection. I was in the queue there today, when I spotted these sweets, realised their name was a play on words, and bought them without a second thought, even though I really don't like rock. I can never resist a pun.


  1. Ooh they're such cute little lollies!

  2. I'd gladly give them to you! I'm not a huge fan of the minty boiled sweet... Still, they are decorative, and pun-tastic!


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