Friday, 6 November 2009

Mojo, mojo, wherefore art thou, knitting mojo?

Late last night whilst circumnavigating the internet, I stumbled across a whole new archipelago of stitching inspiration, which I shall name The Embroidery Blogs Islands. For those interested, you can find a lot of them through Feeling Stitchy. I started a little something today, which you can see a sneaky peek of above.

I bumped into someone I hadn't seen in a while in the street today, and he asked me 'How's the knitting going?'. Suddenly I felt rather shifty, and replied 'Uh... fine. But look at this embroidery I have in my bag!' The truth is that I just haven't felt the urge to knit recently. This has been a most peculiar experience, as normally my brain resembles a speed-dating service between patterns and yarns, trying to match up a large number of both, and my fingers usually have to knit ever faster to keep pace with its voracious demands. I suspect this lack of mojo may be the result of knitting a whole lot of stocking stitch in black yarn. While I love the way my Audrey in Unst is shaping up, I must confess that I am really looking forward to finishing it. The potential for free-styling with embroidery is a welcome relief from the rather dreary certainty that I can't even pretend to have finished with one half-sleeve and one sleeve cap done. It is also quite exciting to be able to veer off in a different direction, using a different colour, without the need to resort to the dreaded intarsia.

Do you have a craft you use to have a little holiday from another craft? Do you have any tips for coaxing my poor mojo back in from the cold? I'd love to hear from you on the subject!


  1. At the moment I am simply nuts about knitting. I could spend the whole day doing it! The result is: My wrists hurt a lot today and I might have to take a little break from knitting =(
    I also like cross-stitching but kind of neglected it because of all the knitting.
    When I am not holding any needles I like to craft window hangings ( I hope that's the right word for it) with cardboard and other paper products. The day really needs to have more hours!

  2. Yes, this happens to me all the time! I constantly rotate crafts. Lately I've been really into knitting, but I woke up Saturday morning and all I wanted to do was sew. I think it's part of the natural cycle of creativity - sometimes you just need to change it up.


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