Monday, 1 March 2010

We have a winner...

I entered all of the comments I received on my blogiversary giveaway post into the random number generator online, and the winner is....

Katiepops! Here is her entry - I entirely sympathise with her difficulty in choosing just one song:
Every single mixtape I made had Olivers Army by Elvis Costello on it ... there was just something about the angst and passion in his voice that made it the best song EVER, and it was just MY song! If I was making a mixtape now, there would be so many songs that have to go on it ... Oh Lately It's So Quiet by OK GO - soft, romantic, spinetinglingly wonderful ... Hey Ya by Outkast - fabulously retro cool and funky ... and of course Andre 3000s bare chest and six pack on drums - yum! ... See The Sun by The Kooks - just something about that song that always makes me think of one of my friends. Actually there are so many songs that I would *have* to put on a mixtape that in fact the whole tape would be made of must-haves.

Katiepops, please could you email me at (yes, my predilection for bad puns extends to my email address) with your postal address, and I shall post your mixtape-y package out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the competition, and removed the need for me to get my mum to comment repeatedly under a variety of assumed names to avoid me looking like a loser. I have relished reading every one of your entries - I think I could make a super-deluxe mixtape with all of those gems. This has been so much fun that I am already dreaming of future giveaways, so I do hope you will keep reading.

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