Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Myself, my knitting, and one ugly but undeniably useful new backpack have been transplanted to Genoa, on the hunt for history. I might blog a little bit about the city while I'm here, as I think it is unfairly underrepresented in current travel literature about Italy.

Yeuch. I can't decide whether this piece of dorsal apparatus makes me feel like I'm 14 and on my way to French or I'm 30 and on my way to a job in a computer magazine.


  1. Have an amazing time! I sympathize with your backpack woes - I carry one most days, since I just can't handle a lot of weight on one shoulder. So ugly, but so handy.

  2. I'd love to read about the city! And show many pictures, will you? =) And come on, your backpack is not so bad, at least you don't have sewn any patches of your favourite bands on it *awkwardly glancing at one corner of the room where a funky little backpack looks just ridiculous*

  3. I recognise your difficulty - the conflict between glamour and practicality :) I always want to pack light so that I can carry things 'effortlessly', but then find I need extra stuff too! Hope you're having a lovely time, and I'll look forward to finding out more about Genoa


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