Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gretel Beret

I have some new headgear to keep my brain warm while it strains to produce historical thoughts - Ysolda's Gretel beret, from my seemingly never-ending stash of Fyberspates Scrumptious DK.

Don't look too closely at the shameful glimpses of backpack in the two photos above, though I must admit, it has proved invaluable on the long walk to the archive. 

For the third time (after my Liesl and Crofter's Cowl), this yarn was blissful to knit - barely spun, slippery-soft udon noodles of silk and merino. It was surprisingly easy to cable without a cable needle, and I think the glisten of the silk content  throws the lattice motif into relief.

As with all of Ysolda's designs, this is an extremely well produced pattern. My only minor quibble is that the symbols she uses for cables are a little unorthodox; I found them rather confusing, and for once worked from the written instructions.

It's not easy taking photos of the back of your head...


  1. Good work!... also as much as I'm loving the backpack, I have to say the glasses easily win, how long have you had those?

  2. Lovely. The pattern and the color are really beautiful.

  3. Well spotted, Arun - they are indeed new glasses! I think I've had them a couple of weeks or so... they're from Cutler and Gross, which if I remember rightly is in South Kensington, and has many tempting glasses.

  4. LOVE the glasses, lovelovelove....wish I could pull them off.
    And yay Gretel hats, I love mine. That yarn is stunning too, I'd love to try Fyberspates, it looks like I could squoosh it through the screen.

  5. You are too cute, do you know that?! God I wish I could knit an amazing hat like that. Love the colour choice

  6. Seeing this makes me wish I could knit. It's lovely, I love it!


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