Friday, 12 March 2010

Body of a King(scot)

I have finally finished the body of Kingscot. I was rather worried that, despite my careful swatching, this was going to be a disastrous fit, but thankfully it seems to have worked out alright. I plan to work the sleeves top down for to make this completely seamless (hooray!). Now my only doubt is which vintage buttons to choose - the chunky pearls, which echo the bobbles quite nicely, or the sparkly glass ones, which proved tricky to photograph. 


  1. Beautiful with a wonderful amount of bobblyness (is that a word??)! I'm not sure whether you asked for advice or not, but just to be on the safe side: Hooray for the chunky pearly buttons! They're just perfect *drool*

  2. those sparkly buttons look nice!

  3. lovely! great colour too :) I think I prefer the glass buttons, but it's difficult, cos the pearls are so shiny in the photo, and that's what's putting me off them....


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