Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Upholstery Braid Headband

Inspired by Emily Martin of Black Apple fame, I rustled myself up a little headband out of gold upholstery braid. This was a super simple project, but I'm rather pleased with the results - I might post a tutorial if anyone were interested? I haven't yet decided whether to add stars as in Emily's original... It was so easy and cheap that I might make myself a selection; my hair is behaving like a restless animal at the moment, and is benefiting from this gilt caging. 

I have been wearing my Haruni shawl and Evolution mitts together a LOT, and revelling in the co-ordination. Above they can be seen in conjunction with an unexpected canine companion.

This was a decidedly hand-knitted riverside stroll, as my friend wore her new Que Sera cardigan. This yarn used to be part of my six sweaters-worth that hung like an albatross round my neck, until I observed that the colour made me look more exhumed than exuberant, and gave it to Simone, who totally owns this shade of yellow. I'm so pleased this lovely yarn has found a good home.


  1. Cute hairband! And cute jacket!!

  2. Love the headband! Emily Martin is too adorable.

  3. Yes, the headband is awesome. I love headbands...
    That post was full of nice things! Jacket, specs, cardi, shawl, handbag... Lovely.

  4. The headband is a great look - in fact everything in this post is. Lovely knits, wonderful jacket... and your glasses are great too, I wish I could pull ones like that off. I'm jealous!
    Your friend's cardigan is gorgeous too - the colour does indeed suit her and it goes beautifully with her dress. This is all so inspiring!


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