Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Alhambra Scarf (and Mr Purves)

... and so the Alhambra scarf saga draws to a close. For anyone who has not been following it through the four thrilling months, this is a pattern by lace wizard Anne Hanson, knit in the buttery-soft Malabrigo sock in the colourway Botticelli Red

I have waxed lyrical about the colour (which like all reds is troublesome to photograph), but all along I knew it was not perfectly suited to my colouring. Since taking this online quiz, I have become rather evangelical about seasonal colour palettes, and this rusty red is definitely not flattering to Deep Winters. Fortunately, it looks lovely on my mum, and so this scarf has found a happy home on her neck.

Beautiful scarf, gorgeous pattern; slightly boring photos. So I thought I'd brighten up this post with some other snaps of one of my favourite Edinburgh fixtures.

This shop, on St Stephen's Street, is a glorious mystery to me, and I go out of my way to walk past it. It is only open for one half day a week, and caters for a decidedly niche market. Still, if you're in need of an oil lamp, and you're in Stockbridge between 1 and 6 on a Saturday, Mr Purves is your man.


  1. The motion in the pattern of your lace scarf is lovely. The color like the name is beautiful. As for Mr. Purves, he's okay too!

  2. It's a beautiful scarf, and a gorgeous red. I first visited Edinburgh at this time of year about 15 years ago so those photos are not at all boring for me. Anyone who opens their shop for a full half day out of seven has somehow found balance in their life. It puts me in mind of Bagpuss, and the shop that didn't sell anything.

  3. That scarf is gorgeous! I love how drapey it is.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I wonder what Mr Purves does with his other six and a half days... maybe he's out on the mean streets of Edinburgh, fighting crime. Or maybe he's just polishing his extensive collection of lamps.


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