Monday, 5 April 2010


I hastily pinned out my Haruni (Rav link) shawl before scampering off to Canterbury for Easter, and have just rattled off a few frames of it.

I knit this in the remainder of the Dream in Color Smooshy, in the colourway Gothic Rose, that I had left from my Evolution Mitts - I am excited about having a matching accessories set! This was a most enjoyable knit, and an admirably well packaged free pattern. I was rather apprehensive about the crochet cast off, as my nimble knitting fingers turn into clodhopper carrots at the sight of a hook. I managed it, though, and absolutely LOVE the effect: I would definitely use this on another shawl in future.

I'm very pleased with the marriage of pattern and yarn - the leafy border motif reminds me of a Victorian doily, and this bruised, brown-y purple seems like a decidedly Victorian colour: it is the shawl equivalent of a deep leather armchair with an antimacassar. 


  1. Ooh! So pretty, I love it! The edging is absolutely perfect, I'm scared of crochet hooks too, so well done on your bravery. I made some socks from that exact yarn a while ago and remember thinking that it was slightly wasted being encased in my boots the whole time. Such rich colours.

  2. Saw this on Ravelry earlier, it's gorgeous!

  3. This is a gorgeous pattern! And I love it in this color. The close-up is just stunning.

  4. Oh Giulia, when did you make this? Amazing. Especially the colour--really brings out the pattern. Would be interested to see how the edging holds up when worn (it looks so delicate).

  5. Dear Miss,

    I have used the close up of the triangle point at the bottom of the Haruni shawl photo for my Facebook display image. I hope this is okay, I've only used yours because it was the nicest photo of the Haruni I could find and I haven't knitted one of my own yet.

    Very nice blog. Keep on purling!


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