Monday, 1 February 2010

A Play A Day for 28 Days

Over the past year or so, I have built up quite a little library of plays. I thought it might be an interesting project to read one of these for every day in this shortest of months, and blog about it. It remains to be seen what form this will take, or whether I will have anything valuable to say about them... I am especially interested in hunting down juicy female monologues, with a view to applying to drama school next year, so if you know of any, please leave a comment! In fact, if you have any favourite plays, even if they feature an all-male cast stuck on a submarine talking about chest hair, I'd still love to hear about them.

There should also be plenty of crafty posts coming up, as I have been doing a lot of knitting and even a small, tentative bit of sewing, so do keep reading even if you have no interest in the theatre at all. Towards the end of this month I will have my one year blog-iversary, so I shall get thinking about what I could do to celebrate that - again, all suggestions welcome!


  1. What a great plan, I more or less never read plays any more, but would like to start, so will really enjoy hearing about what you have been reading. My favourite play is Arcadia. Drama school - how exciting!

  2. Great plan for Feb! I'm going to copy/adapt it for my blog.

  3. Euripides' Women of Troy's chock-full of "juicy female monologues" if you're looking to fill any February holes, Giulia.

    Also, whose or what is the large blue Cock on your plays shelf?

    xx AM

  4. I also love anything by Tom Stoppard (I had the honor of getting to do Arcadia at a theatre in Palo Alto, CA a few years back). Check out Rebecca Gilman, too. I really like her plays!


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