Friday, 19 February 2010

Introducing Jonathan

... Jonathan Swift, that is! He arrived in a very exciting, wood-scented package today from Sunflower Swifts, and I immediately took him for a spin. Jonathan Swift made short shrift of a generously-proportioned skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, certainly more so than the precarious acrobatics I had previously been engaging in, holding the skein with my knees. As well as being wondrously practical, he is also a beautifully crafted object. Every detail is carefully thought through, down to the inclusion of five pegs ('in case you lose one'!). I'm so pleased! Jonathan has made my heart beat a little swifter.


  1. That's a fantastic tool. Useful and fun!

  2. I have a little secret love for puns, especially literary ones, that makes me love this. I've just read all of your archives, and I felt sad when I ran out of posts to read.

  3. Thank you, Cayt! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading through my blog - I shall have to write some more posts for you to read! Also, I should be posting about a giveaway later today, so do keep checking back...


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