Monday, 25 January 2010

Farewell, Fairy Vomit

I did a bit of knitting housekeeping today, and stumbled across these (remember them?). My dislike of their candy-necklace shades was even more violent than I had remembered. The manic colour changes  also all but obscured the Jaywalker pattern I had been using. So, in a few minutes I had turned them from this...

... to this...

... to this (thank you, ball-winder).

I'm not sure I can bring myself actually to throw this yarn away - it is a sturdy German wool/nylon blend that I suspect would last me till the end of time. The question is, do I really want an eternal fairy vomit foot covering?


  1. Ha! I've soooo been there! I say just keep it in your stash on the off-chance you think of someone who lives for fairy vomit colored things. :) If you have enough yardage, you could always knit it doubly and make any number of hats... like the Claudette hat I've knit a couple times - it's in my Ravelry projects, and it's a fairly easy/fun knit.

  2. Hmmmm - you could always knit them up for a gift!

  3. How about alternating this skein row by row with a skein in a solid colour? This would tame the pastels and break them up a bit, and on a sock you just alternate as you work your way up / down the leg - no ends to darn in.


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