Friday, 12 June 2009

Here comes the summer

The dismembered limbs of Hey, Teach! are drying, waiting to be pieced together. This is my first time setting in sleeves, and I'm a little nervous. The thought of having a nifty, hand-knitted item in which to shimmy about in the sunshine is enough to make up for a little sleeve-cap finagling. 
I have also been working on these...
I sort of despise the sugared almond colours of the yarn... I bought it when I was a new knitter and easily beguiled by variegation, and I am very happy to be expelling it from my stash. Whether or not I'll ever want to coat my feet with fairy vomit is another matter. Socks are so supremely portable; I think I'm going to try always to have one in my bag for snatched moments of knitting time.

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