Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cables and Bobbles and Teal, Oh My!

I have started work on sweater #2 of the six I pledged to knit from stash. This yarn (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK) is in fact the longest-standing tenant of the yasteroid; I am glad to see it finally moving out. The pattern is Kingscot by knitting wizard Norah Gaughan, a Gothic-inspired cardigan awash with cables and bobbles.

So far this has been a most entertaining knit: I am as eager to get to the next development in the cable panel as I might be to find out what happens next in an exciting book. It is amazing how complicated but interesting things seems to go so much quicker than easy but boring ones. The pattern is written for pieces, but I am knitting the body and twisted rib button bands as one piece to avoid seaming - a simple modification, though one that does involve a lot of flicking between different pages. I have been continually thankful that I  know how to cable without a cable needle: those on the back twist on every right side row (I have been enjoying listening to the song 'The Twist' by Frightened Rabbit while doing all this twisting of stitches). I have just split for the armholes, making it a bit of an unwieldy beast with three balls of yarn dangling off it, so I have also started a smaller, more portable project which I shall save for a future post.

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour! I fell in love with this pattern a while ago but won't let myself start it till I finish Audrey... So tempting.
    Look forward to seeing it finished, it looks a lot of fun to knit.

  2. I love it! And you're such a speedy knitter! I started a Kingscot (also seamlessly - the only sensible way to go...) a few months ago, in an impulse-purchased shade of turquoise which I have since decided is just too bright to go on with. Hmph. I love the pattern though and I need to start again with another colour - I'm thinking of navy, perhaps... or maybe a dark crimson red, or some kind of spruce green. The teal is beautiful too!

  3. Thanks! It is a lovely colour, but darn hard to photograph in my dark room - I was too cold and lazy to venture outside with my knitwear and camera!


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