Friday, 29 October 2010

Shooting From The Hip: Genoa 29/10/2010

The buses were on strike for almost all of today, so during the brief windows when a few were running they were overflowing with people, packed together in an intricate (and sometimes uncomfortably intimate) human tessellation that left little room for breathing let alone knitting. Elsewhere, I'd just walk, but Genoa is a murderously mountainous place, and the youth hostel sits right at the summit of one of its peaks. 

How about you, readers? Do you commute? Are you lucky enough to take a form of transport that allows you to knit/sew/sit down? I do hope you've all had lovely Fridays.

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  1. Oh, I'd so love to be able to hop on a bus. I love riding the bus, especially because of the knitting time it gives me. Alas I live a bit out of the way and have to drive to work, I hate commuting!!!! I get so frustrated sitting in the traffic. Hope the buses are back to normal now!


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