Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Actor's Nightmare; Knitter's Dream

I am in a play at the moment called The Actor's Nightmare (any Cambridge readers, do come to the Corpus Playroom at 7.30, tonight through Saturday). The script, by Christopher Durang, is admirably short and well-crafted, not least because it affords the knitting actress superb little pockets of time backstage to work on the above top-secret gift project.

I always look forward to stretches of knitting time, be they on public transport, snuggled up in my room listening to podcasts, or in freezing and fustily furnished green rooms. Where have you been snatching moments to craft recently? 


  1. Hey there! That's great about the play! I have been sadly getting the majority of my knitting done only while en route to uni (edinburgh to galashiels, that is). I've done 2 pairs of socks in this manner so far and am struggling with the notion of bringing the husband's beast of a jumper along for transport-knitting.

  2. Acting! How fun! I am a complete hoard for those little pockets of knitting time. It's amazing how much progress can be made in short burst on the train, waiting in reception areas, and during work breaks!

  3. Ah, the knitting actress in her fusty green room, this conjures up such a fantastic image. Hope first night went brilliantly, knitting and otherwise!

  4. I must admit that although I do love being on stage, I also love it when I role I play allows ample time backstage to get some knitting done! (Smile.) I find it to be rather productive time and as long as the pattern isn't too intense, it keeps me focused! By the by, thanks for stopping by my blog - shoot me an email (petithibouknits@gmail.com) with a shipping address and I'll let you know about postage. So glad you liked my little kits!


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