Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Bee's Knees

This is just a quick post about some rather rad socks I've been working on.

They are (or rather, it is, for the sock is still singular) the most excellent Hungry Bees Socks, in some similarly excellent Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Bamboo in the colourway 'Whisky Galore!'. My Fairy Vomit Jaywalkers are still malingering on in the background, but I was really craving some grown-up yarn and this soft and subtle stuff satisfies this need perfectly. I love the pattern a lot - the different sections are amusingly titled and beautifully laid out - and I especially enjoyed the random placement of bees on the lower part of the leg: 'I feel a bee here!' 

The original honeycomb cuff was adorable, but not elastic enough to fit over my heel, so I substituted a slightly frivolous combination of double moss stitch and a picot frill.

These socks truly are the bee's knees - I can't wait to have a pair!

Before I scoot off to pack, here is a sneak peek of something else I have on the needles.


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  1. Love! They look amazing, I think the picot edge is charming. Thank you so much for saying such lovely things!


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