Sunday, 7 June 2009

... and this completes the Shipping Forecast.


Forecast is finally done! I cast on for this during a long car journey between Madrid and Bilbao, and knit the majority of it quite quickly. Then it lurked about in button band limbo for ages - I knit and re-knit three times and it's still not perfect....

I can live with it, though. I learned to knit back backwards, and cable without a cable needle, which made bobbling and cabling much less obnoxious.

The yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran in Thistle, which is quite rough to work with but softens wonderfully with washing. The depth of colour is glorious, with little blue and pink flecks, and it makes the cable pattern look like grapes on the vine.

It has turned cold again in the 'bridge, so I have been wearing this with pride.

Thanks to my friend Patrick for taking a million photos of me, and then taking a million more when I realised that one button had been undone throughout (see above).

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