Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Me-Made-May'13: I'm in!

Honest to goodness, no word of a lie,  last night, I dreamt I was in a Rolling Stones video for a song called 'Top-stitched Girl'. Er... I think I've got to get sewing!

'I, Giulia of Drop Stitches Not Bombs, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear a self-made garment or accessory at least four times a week, for the duration of May 2013'

This may be May madness, but by golly, I WILL NOT LET THE MOTHS WIN! Thank you very much for the solidarity in the comments section, by the way - it seems fellow blogger Mikhaela is going through a similar trauma

I read this really interesting article in the Guardian about finding the time to do creative stuff, and am feeling quite inspired. A lot of my fear of sewing stems from a perfectionist streak that is so disappointed every time I sew a wonky seam, or fail to fit something flawlessly to my body, that I just give up entirely - but then in giving up, I don't get the practice I need to get better. So I hereby give myself permission to make some imperfect things, and indeed to make the time to make them. I mean, if I were to sew for six hours a day.... what couldn't I achieve?! Let's see!

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