Wednesday, 10 November 2010

'... from one blogger to another!'

Alison's awesome glove transformation kit arrived from America...

... but that was not all - not only did the package contain much owl-ish, glove-ish goodness (above), but she also very generously included two utterly gorgeous skeins of yarn as a gift 'from one blogger to another'!

I am so touched at this thoughtful present, and determined to steam through my Christmas knitting in order to make something special from it all for myself. 

I have just used the conductive embroidery kit, and can report excellent results. I have taken some photos of that process, but I think I'll save them for another post, and leave this one as a simple expression of gratitude - thank you so much!


  1. this just goes to show that bloggers are super kind. and have great taste in yarn. that is indeed *gorgeous*. yay!

  2. (Smile.) You are most certainly welcome! Thrilled that you love it.


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