Monday, 8 November 2010

Elphaba Pullover

Elphaba (ravlink) is a spell-binding pattern - understandably so given that it's named after a witch. It was fun and surprisingly quick to make.
The yarn is Skein Queen 'Squash', a gorgeous hand-dyed superwash merino 4ply in the colourway 'Blackcurrant' that feels luxurious next to the skin - the whole jumper took less than two skeins!
Do you ever have an idea for a photoshoot that just doesn't work out as you'd planned? As soon as I finished this jumper, I imagined it front of 'Violet Villa', an elegant abode which I daydream about living in every time I walk past. Getting other people to take photos of your knits, though, is a tricky business - non-knitters seem to struggle to focus on the garment and not the surroundings, as above, or me, as below.
To get the two nice photos of the jumper at the beginning of the post I had to bark repeatedly 'Forget about my face - JUST DECAPITATE ME!' every time I saw the camera drifting away from its target. The poor inhabitants of Violet Villa were probably cowering terrified inside.


  1. Gorgeous. The sleeves are simply perfect and the colour works very well.

  2. Lovely! Very elegant (teaching?) garb, and an inspiring garment in variegated yarn (I use it for accessories, but scared about bigger projects, and end up using plain colours)

  3. Beautiful!
    Ha ha. I totally understand where you're coming from about the non-knitter photographer.. Bless them all! I always end up shouting at mine.

  4. lovely! haha, poor violet villa inhabitants. still, i imagine that getting to live in a lovely house named violet villa afforded them some consolation - it looks beautiful.
    beautiful jumper, perfect with the pearls! (i never wear mine, which is silly - you've inspired me to don them today, even though the most exciting place i'm going will be sainsburys...).


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