Thursday, 5 August 2010

It really is quite a big shawl

The bath-time plesiosaurus...

... took 231 pins to block...

... and now has a wingspan of about 3 metres...

... that's about the same as the wandering albatross

Modelled shots to come once I can find someone to take them, and figure out how to stop it trailing along the ground as I walk.


  1. wow! If you find it is just too big, I'm taller than you ;) btw, looking for a wedding shawl pattern, and was thinking of VLT's Clover-leaf triangle, but now I'm tempted...

  2. It looks amazing! It's the kind of lace pattern that always makes me marvel at the beauty of the finished product.

  3. That shawl is breathtaking. So gorgeous.

  4. Stunning, it is like some kind of beautiful sea creature!

  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments! It is a warm and friendly sea creature/massive bird. Ruthcrafts - I think it would make a lovely wedding shawl - the beautiful motifs would probably stand out all the more in a paler yarn.


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