Tuesday, 27 October 2009


 Neep! Neeeeeeeeeeeeeep! No, that's not the sound of a lorry reversing, but the name of the colourwork tam I gave you a wee neb at in the last post.

The pattern is Neep Heid, by Kate Davies - best known for the Owls sweater - and is exceptionally clearly laid out and charted. It is easy to see how people get addicted to colourwork - it was ever so exciting to see the roots, then the neeps, then the leaves emerging from my knitting. I made this in the poetically named Shetland Spindrift by Jamieson's, in Grouse, Sunglow, Leprachaun and Chartreuse. While each of these colours  is beautiful individually, I was a little uncertain about whether they worked together. I initially did the i-cord at the brim and the crown in Sunglow, a pale heathered pink with an orangey undertone. Not only was this not a flattering shade to have next to my skin, but in the loop at the top it also looked uncannily like... well, a nipple. Or, rather, a neeple.

I carefully snipped off the offending bits, as though they were a couple of evil parasitic worms clinging to  my hat, and re-did them in Chartreuse. Much better!

Now I feel much happier about the whole thing. I wore it to a rehearsal yesterday, and someone pointed out that the leaves have a rather Orla Kiely feel.

I look forward to taking my Neep on lots of adventures as the weather gets colder.


Starting with this one, I thought I might do a small series of daily outfits as an encouragement to blog more - do say though, if you think this is terribly self-indulgent, and I'll stop!

Hat: My own work!
Necklace: b.b.Barry at Covet, Islington
Blouse: Boden (inspired by Emily Martin of Black Apple fame)
Belt: Charity shop find
Tweed Shorts: Jigsaw
Ribbed Wool Tights: John Lewis
Shoes: Pied à Terre

A friend once asked me if I stole these shoes from a Victorian midget, who is now mournfully wandering about calling for his lost brogues. I rather wish I had.

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  1. Okay, hat may be better with the chartruese. I love the daily outfit. You going to post on flickr?


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