Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Grumpy and travelsore

I have been, physically and figuratively, all over the place. Over the last twenty days I have cracked open Easter eggs in Edinburgh, visited my boyfriend in Madrid, been to an amazing hybrid Basque/Californian wedding in a town outside Bilbao, eaten a pizza in Pisa, walked on the beach in my grandfather's tiny village in Calabria, delivered a painting to Genoa, and, finally, limped back to Cambridge this evening. 

Apart from contributing to a fearsome carbon footprint and equally fearsome load of dirty washing, this journey gave me a lot of time to think, about this blog among other things. From now on, I intend not just to post about my completed knitted objects. Although I've been knitting A LOT recently (more on that story later), not only does 'Look! I finished something!' make for too infrequent an output for my liking, but I worried that it also could give a false impression of sporadic sterile success, without any of the messy, interesting stuff in between. I've just listened to the awesome Insubordiknit podcast, by a lady who spins blood red yarn with realistic, vein-y eyeballs, so things messy and interesting are on my mind.

I'm a little bit too sleepy to follow through on this at the moment, so I'll leave you with news that I am knitting two cardigans, both of them purple...

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