Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tale of a Swallow

Oh dear... is that some kind of drain fungus?
No. It's a Swallowtail lace shawl, about to embark on its magical blocking journey. Here is a rubbish photo taken in my dingy basement of it pinned out on my bed (I really wish I had read this Yarn Harlot post before I did it on how to avoid those scallops along the top edge with an ingenious piece of string).
It's easy to see how people get addicted to lace. It was quite astonishing seeing a lumpen, mossy bundle that I was a little embarrassed to work on in public ('It's going to look better than this when it's finished') transmogrify into this.
The Emma ducks that you may be able to see through the shawl were most intrigued by my antics. 

I learned a great deal knitting this. Some of the buds towards the beginning have a somewhat Chernobyl-like aspect. Despite this, it is a thing of great beauty. I had been a little worried about whether I'd actually wear it, but as it is I've barely taken it off. The yarn is Ornaghi Merino Oro, and feels like a soft, sage cloud around my neck - not bad given that I chose it mainly because it had a friendly panda on the label.

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