Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dreamy Techno-trickery

The limitations of my dinky digital point-and-shoot often remind me of what an amazing thing the human eye is. Take this tree, for example, tucked away in a corner of college. Its convoluted branches have grown down to the ground and back up again, so that stepping through them you enter a dappled dome. Whether its boughs are covered with snow in the winter or juicy leaves as now, I have difficulty imagining a more magical place: it seems to have been created purposefully for fairy revels. And yet I took a series of dull, flat pictures of it today; it was only after considerable technical jiggery-pokery that I arrived at the above image.

I also waved my old-timey photo wand over some climbing flowers...

... and some stuff in a skip....

Oh, and in the interest of completeness, I took a video of some baby moorhens. This is the last, I promise - college has no other miniature water fowl.

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  1. Those photos are gorgeous - and you're so right about the human eye. It's a miracle. Two miracles each, in fact. That tree is pretty incredible too - big trees are always so magical. My favourites are banyans - I fell in love with them when I once visited Palermo and now I dream of having one in my back garden (I suspect this may be an entirely impractical goal, or at least one which may require me to rethink where in the world my garden will be...).


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