Sunday, 16 August 2009

Crystal Pink and Blackbird Blue

I am back in Edinburgh for a few days - long enough to savour some more of the chocolate I have been dreaming about since my last visit:

It is produced just round the corner from my house by the Stockbridge Chocolatiers (who appear to be very internet-shy, but can be seen in this photo), and is possibly the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Every bar is wrapped in rice paper reverentially tied with a ribbon. The one above, Crystal Pink, conceals little delectable salt crystals. Its accompanying descriptive slip makes the inscrutable claim that it is 'inspired by the Italians', a people I myself have not found to be especially salty. I have also sampled their chocolate mint, which is flecked through with silver leaf.

In addition, I have been making pleasant progress along this knitted highway, of which more later.


  1. Nice nice nice nice nice chocolate photo: tell them you've blogged on them and they might give you confectionary thanks.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your blog on us, it was very kind. Just to let you know that we are no longer operating out of the store in Stockbridge due to one of the owners being very ill. After his definate recovery the chocolatier is going on to offer chocolate online. It should take about 7months, give or take. We will send out a sample as soon as possible :)


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