Friday, 15 May 2009

She's finished!

Remember my dilemma with the bottom edge of Coraline? I eventually steeled myself, and decided I wasn't going to let the hell hem get the better of me. This thing wasn't giving up without a fight, however, and obstinately snarled up, refusing to rip out. I finally lost patience with it, and hacked it off with a pair of scissors. 

Yes, you read that right. I savaged my own knitting. As I laid down my weapon to survey the extent of my brutality, I felt sure that any minute now the heavens would rain down punishments befitting to a kniticide, such as having my liver nibbled at by an angora rabbit, or having to push an enormous ball of yarn up a never-ending mountain for all eternity. I had intended to unravel the hem and re-use the yarn, but I was overcome by a desire to hide the evidence of my craft crime, so, feeling like Ewan McGregor in Shallow Grave, I stuffed the dismembered border into a little bag and surreptitiously threw it away.

It took me a long time to make it up to the poor little garment, and tidy up its yarn-y entrails. But I did...
I think I got away with it! 
Check out that i-cord edging...
I was in two minds about these smoky-lilac buttons. By themselves they do have a little bit of a 'Daddy! I don't want a pony, anymore, Daddy, I want a unicorn!' look to them. United with the cardigan, however, I hope they take on a more subtle, grown-up aspect.

As for the hem, when at long last I got a set of live stitches back on my needles, I worked a YO, k2tog row to form a picot edge, decreased by about 90%, knit a few more rows and then whip-stitched down the live stitches. I like how the picot points echo the smocking diamonds, and how neat it looks from the right side.
 It's a little less perfect on the wrong side, but still about a million gadzillion times better than before its surgical intervention.
Yay! And thanks to Patrick for taking the photos with his snazzy camera, and sparing you the pain of me contorting myself in front of my webcam. Now maybe I'll wear it along to the film...


  1. Hi Giulia,
    I have two comments, neither, having much to do with knitting. :-)

    I did notice that you don't smile much in the photos here. And this kinda bothers me. The message I get from Giulia is, "I don't want you to think I'm pretty." There IS A SMILE in the second photograph, but missing in the first.

    The next shot of your face (with iron fence behind you)...No smile.

    I click "Older Post" and you have one hand on a tree branch. Blue cardigan needs grandmother's cameo brooch and not buttons. I agree. But what do I know. Again...No SMILE.

    And next shot of your face is under the magnolia tree. It's a v.nice face and almost has a smile. Almost.

    Farther down the page to the gray sweater with owls on the shawl ringing the collar. An attractive shot. BUT NO SMILE ! Damn. There are two nice little bumps there. And a slim, shapely body. :-)

    Scrolling past one to the next photograph that has your face... no smile. And that is the end of knitting, and photos of you.

    Giulia. I'm dying to see your TEETH. Your smile ! If possible could you insert photographs with smiles and teeth once in awhile ?


  2. sincerely hoping all future comments, such as mine, will only stoop to referring to 'bumps' of any sort in the context of uneven stitching.


  3. I love the cardigan. And the buttons don't seem too unicorn-fantasy to me.
    Work hard,

  4. OH Giulia this is a scrumptious thing you have made! I am also impressed by the clever photographic setting. :D

    Simone x


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